Agency CRM

A complete customer Relationship Management solution for insurance agencies.
Finally, simplify your insurance business.
  • Lead Management.
    Track sales pipelines, Lead Sources, Lead Queues, Distribution Channels, Product Interests
  • Account Management.
    Individual, Employer, and Association Accounts are accommodated.
  • Insurance Company and Product Management.
    Document Insurance Companies and their Products. This includes key contacts, workflow procedures, product information, and commission schedules.
  • Agent Compliance.
    Track agent carrier appointments, state and national licenses, carrier certifications, industry designations.
Core Components
Customer Support
Customer Support and Activity Tracking. Record and follow up on customer interactions.
Full range of reporting includes.
Document Storage
Click and Drag On-line Document Storage.
Integrated Communication Tools
Embedded email functionality, email templates available, organize Lists of Clients.
Data Uploader
Data Uploader and Open API’s
Help Library
Integrated HELP Library
White Label Marketing and Branding
Add-on Modules
Financial Management
Commission tracking by policy, date, carrier, product type, and more. Bank reconciliations included.