TPA Solution

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Select the Modules your business needs for one integrated environment.
  • Billing and Payment Processing
    Flexible individual, group, and association billing. Includes Late Notice Schedules.
  • Agent Services
    Appointments and Commissions. Tie together Agent Appointments, insurance policies associated with those appointments, and commission schedules. Administer multi-level commission processing by allocating commissions to all vested parties.
  • Claims Processing
    Rule-based and tailored communications are available for client follow-ups, reminders, and third-party correspondence.
  • Employer Services
    HRA and COBRA administration.
  • Forms Processing
    Fillable PDF templates are available for auto-generation and delivery.
Embedded Features
Customer Support
Customer Support and Activity Tracking. Record and follow up on customer interactions.
Full range of reporting includes.
Document Storage
Click and Drag On-line Document Storage.
Integrated Communication Tools
Embedded email functionality, email templates available, organize Lists of Clients.
Data Uploader
Data Uploader and Open API’s
Help Library
Integrated HELP Library
White Label Marketing and Branding